What we’ve done

A selection of Lizzy’s planting projects 

Small Shady Garden

The client wanted a cottage garden feel with lots of colour in summer and interest throughout the year.  A selection of roses,  clematis and hardy geraniums were chosen to suit varying levels of light.  Pentstemons, Heuchera’s, Lychnis, Nepeta, Sedum spectabile and Star Jasmine filled the sunniest corner.  Since one side of the garden was very shady we added ferns, Astilbes, Tiarella, primulas, Vinca minor.  To provide some cohesion and uniformity London Pride and Alchemilla mollis were used around the garden as they cope with all aspects well.

Transformation of a vegetable patch

The client wanted an area which provided fragrance and colour and flowers to cut in the summer. Planting included Asters, tall Campanulas, Achilles, Pentstemons, lavender, cat mint, Eupatoriums. Grasses for late summer and winter interest.   Near the house and very visible it also needed some evergreen structure – Lavender and Rosemary provided this and more fragrance.

African Hut Garden

This garden has continued to develop – the Crocosmia ‘Lucifer’, Eupatorium rugosa, Heucher ‘Obsidian’, Sedums and Alchemilla mollis all starting to spread and fill the border.  Tulips, Muscari and small Narcissi provide spring interest, Alliums in early summer through to the autumn.

A front garden replanted

This client had an initial consultancy report providing ideas for planting.  A while later the ideas were implemented, moving and transferring original planting which had outgrown their location or were in the wrong place, removing a lot of lavender edging which had become very unruly and filling with new perennials and bulbs.



Cottage PlantingCottage Planting New BorderNew Border Courtyard GardenCourtyard Garden
Mixing cottage garden planting in a previously neglected garden Creating a large planting area for year-round interest Minimalist planting and maintenance for an elderly client
Reclaiming a GardenReclaiming a Garden PotsPots School Rose BedSchool Rose Bed
 Reclaiming a small south-London garden  Pots & Containers Rescuing a School Rose Bed


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