What’s in Your Winter Garden?

I’ve just acquired two red-stemmed Dogwood – Cornus alba ‘sibirica’ – Dogwood which I couldn’t resist to add drama to the winter garden. Impulse buy? Possibly but I do have a position in mind which is in between 2 winter-flowering honeysuckles – Lonicera x purpusii – Winter honeysuckle so the delicate white and very fragrant flowers which are out now will act as contrasting bookends to the Dogwood.

Other favourites at this time of year? Winter flowering heathers such as Erica carnea ‘Springwood Pink’Heather

And of course the ornamental grasses. Wouldn’t be without them. My Zebra grass, Mischanthus zebrinus is living up to expectations – tall upright oaten stems which are withstanding the wintry gusts.

Miscanthus 'zebrinus'

Miscanthus ‘zebrinus’